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“It has a been a pleasure to work with Emily and Orly. An amazing partnership that combines authentic words, inspiring visuals and high energy that kept my momentum going, connecting me to my real aspirations and what I truly needed to get done. I recommend them for anyone looking for a more authentic and meaningful digital presence.”

Patrice Gorin - www.Luxis.Consulting

The Women Behind

the Screen - OUR POD

POD is a boutique agency led by women who’ve been in business for over 20 years and care deeply about you and what your business and brand says about you.

Many people have come to believe that just because something is business orientated, they have a license to forget about human values and the emotionality of others. When you work with us, you benefit from our unwavering commitment, hands-on approach, mutual respect and compassion which we believe forms the foundation of success. To us, business is not business. Business is a part of life. 

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"This is the most potent time for stepping out into our authentic self, and sharing our unique and powerful teachings with the world. We come together for a shared cause, to create a more ethical economy."


"In these uncertain times, I believe that this is the time to be unapologetically true to ourselves so that we can be part of a new wave of authentic expression in the world of digital media and beyond.”

5 years ago, Emily left behind 15 years in the corporate world to forge her own path, drawing on her diverse background and skills in HR, Communications, Marketing and Design-thinking to support her clients in a multitude of ways. 

Since then she has expanded her reach to work with forward-thinking individuals and organisations: Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Creatives, Start-ups, and more.

Nowadays, she is based in the vibrant city of Berlin where she is surrounded by the kind of people she loves to work with - diverse, creative, unconventional people with passion and vision.

“Berlin’s culture of curiosity, creativity and diversity has inspired me to take my work to a deeper level, helping people embrace their uniqueness by getting clear on their unique offerings and the value they have to offer the world."

Emilyg Boyd

Orly Faya

Orly is a natural Artist in every sense of the world; an explorer, poet, writer, painter and an innovative multi-media artist who aspires to create ripples of transformation through vision, creativity and digital expressions. 

Influenced by her early education within the realms of Ontology alongside her Bachelors Degree in Anthropology, Orly has been immersed in the studies of life and what it means to be a human being since she was very young.  


Armed with a healthy distaste for the system in which she was born into, Orly has spent the last 18 years living and travelling in various corners of the globe as a freelance artist and creative consultant. Along the way, she honed her natural talents in illustration and painting and developed her passion and skills in Digital Design.  


Having recently returned from living overseas, Orly is now based in Sydney where she runs a body painting/graphic design/digital art studio. With a handful of creative projects and adventures underway, and the blessing of the ocean just up the road, she feels pretty blessed. 

As founding POD Peas, Emily & Orly wear various hats:

  • As content curators, we help you uncover and express the most authentic expression of your vision, value and offerings 

  • As consultants, we share our knowledge of personal branding and authentic communication alongside practices such as design-thinking to uncover new possibilities and better outcomes

  • As coaches, we build trust through active listening and asking questions that dislodge your inner critic and shift you into a more curious and open way of being

  • As facilitators, we help weave together the themes and messages that connect your clients with your story and vision

  • As creative and critical thinkers, we seek to understand and 'connect the dots', whether that be ideas, people or the broader systems and processes at play